Shipbroker with over 30 years experience of sale & purchase of small to medium size commercial vessels such as tugs, workboats, passenger ships, charter yachts, small cargo ships and boat sales.
Official exclusive shipbroker for Swedish Coast guard, Maritime administration and several international Rescue societies.
The ship categories in the left column contains a current listing of vessels for sale and vessels sold.
As Complete documentation with pictures is directly available for each vessel.
Through our extensive network we keep track of both the Scandinavian market as well as the global market.
If you don´t find what you are looking for please contact us.

We have ourselves inspected and documented all listed vessels. All vessels are for sale directly from owners without any intermediaries. All pictures are the property of Shipsforsale Sweden AB and may not be distributed.

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Have you tried to take a tour on board the ship? Virtual Tour

It is what we call a 360-degree virtual tour. We have taken the next step in trying to show you the whole ship through our website. This will be on all future vessels that we have for sale. It works like this, we have take a lot of photos and stitched them together into large panoramas, and then stitched them to several 360-degree spots all over the vessel. On each vessel page, you will see this image that you see below (Virtual tour). Click it to start the virtual tour. You can board and click your way around the ship to look around.

To operate on the screen and move forward, it works much like on Google´s Street View. Click on the mouse, hold the button and drag the image to the right, left, up or down while keeping the button pressed. Depending on your screen size, you can also zoom in on things and take a closer look. There are certain symbols that you should look out for in this tour.


Want to get pictures and info before everyone else? We will then send a message with a secret link where you can see the information as we update it in our files before the ship is published on our website, photos and certificates.
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