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Afrodyta Pepperland Hostel

In the bow is a small office with a cafeteria and guest computers and wifi connection.
On the port side is a small storage room and galley.
Thereafter, on the port side, shower area with four shower / sink and a toilet. On the starboard side, two toilets and stairs to the sundeck and to the lower deck, followed by two womens toilets.
In total there are 8 double cabins on the main deck.

Small aft deck with a manual windlass. Below deck from the bow to aft: the former generator room which is now the workshop and paint stores. A boiler with a boiler which supplies all cabins and rooms with central heating.
On port side is a small kitchen with worktop, sink, fridge / freezer and food lift up to the main deck and sun deck.
On the starboard side is a former food supply that is utility stores nowadays and former vegetable storage room that has been converted into a simple crew cabin but can be used as a guest cabin for a guest in an emergency. On the other side of the hallway is a linen storeroom and a small storage room where a Stiebel Eltron water heater supplies the showers and sinks with hot water. The showers and toilet in the aft are taking water from onshore sources and other toilet uses seawater. A prior drying room is further stores today.
Midship is a black water tank that is emptied by vacuum truck. A gray water tank that holds 8000 l is on the other side of the ship and is also emptied from the deck. Two water tanks with sight gauges located amidships.
Aft of these spaces on the lower deck 2 single cabins and 7 double cabins.
Small aft deck with a manual windlass.

Sun deck that is 18 x 5 meters with a small bar with 410 liter fridge and a staff room with sink / wash basin, fridge / freezer. Toilet for the bar guests is downstairs on the aft deck. Access to the sun deck can also be made from the quay through the aluminum gangway.


  • LOA: 38.36 metres
  • L: 38.10 metres
  • Beam: 7.27 metres
  • Shipyard: Plocka Stocznia Rzeczna, Plock, Poland
  • Year built: 1985

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