Workboats | AHTO-29


Price: Owners ask for best offer after inspection.

Pilot boat. Built by Baltic Workboats, Estonia 2011. 17,6 x 4,9 meters, aluminium. 35 knots. 2 x Volvo, 588 kW, Volvo IPS POD Drives.

The deckhouse is rubber mounted and almost free from vibrations. This together with shock resistance chairs gives a very high comfort for the crew even in high speed and rough weather. Small galley/mess in the wheel house.

Ahto-29 can be inspected in Tallinn, Estonia.


  • (flagStat) Flag state: EE, Estonia, Estonian Ship Register
  • (klassningsSallskap) Classification: Estonian Maritime Administration
  • (storstaLangd) LOA: 17.6 metres
  • (langd) L: 15.94 metres
  • (LVL) LWL: 16.6 metres
  • (storstaBredd) Beam: 4.90 metres
  • (djupGaende) Draft: 1.43 metres
  • (mallatDjup) Molded draft: 2.88 metres
  • (varv) Shipyard: Baltic Workboats AS
  • (byggnummer) Yard number: 90094
  • (byggAr) Year built: 2011
  • (batTyp) Vessel type: Pilot boat
  • (materialSkrov) Hull material: Aluminium
  • (materialOverbyggnad) Material superstructure: Aluminium
  • (hemort) Home port: Tallinn
  • (hojdOverVatten) Air draft: 5.80 metres
  • (hojdFranKol) Height from keel: 7.30 metres
  • (tonnage) Tonnage: 45 GT / 14 NT
  • (lattvikt) Light ship: 20.7 tonnes
  • (deplacement) Displacement: 25 tonnes
  • (klassBeteckning) Class type: Domestic voyages in Estonia, up to 2,5 m wave hight, navigation in up to 30 cm ice.
  • (maskinForbTim) Consumption: ≈150 l/hour
  • (maskinMarscFart) Cruising speed: ≈26 knots
  • (maskinToppFart) Top speed: + 35 knots


  • (huvudmotor)Main engine: 2 Volvo D13-800, 2 x 588 kW, aprox 4.300 running hours
  • (propeller)Drive type: Volvo IPS 1050
  • (hjalpMotorer)Auxiliary engine: (portalelement hjalpMotorer tillverkare )Onan (slut portalelement Maskiner)(portalelement hjalpMotorer modell )6MDKBJ (slut portalelement Maskiner)(portalelement hjalpMotorer gangtimmar )351 running hours, (slut portalelement Maskiner)(portalelement hjalpMotorer generatorEffekt )6 kW (slut portalelement Maskiner)slut inre portalelement med 4 element

Engine room equipment

  • (maskinUtrSkyddstrafoTillv)Transformer: (listelement maskinUtrSkyddstrafoTillv - Maskinrumsutrustning)1 x Victron Energy Quatro 7000 W(slut listelement)
  • (maskinUtrLanspumpar)Bilge pump: (listelement maskinUtrLanspumpar - Maskinrumsutrustning)1 x 150 l/min - 1 x 370 lmin(slut listelement)
  • (maskinUtrOmformareInv)Inverter: (listelement maskinUtrOmformareInv - Maskinrumsutrustning)1 x Victron Energy Quatro 24 Volt/7000 W (also battery charger) - 1 x Victron Energy Quatro 24 Volt/3000VA/70 Amp (also battery charger)(slut listelement)

Navigation equipment

Tank capacity

  • (tankarDiesel)Diesel: (listelement tankarDiesel - Tankar)2 x 2000 l(slut listelement)
  • (tankarFarskvatten)Fresh water: (listelement tankarFarskvatten - Tankar)2 x 25 l(slut listelement)
  • (tankarSvartvatten)Septic: (listelement tankarSvartvatten - Tankar)215 l(slut listelement)

Safety equipment

  • (livflottar)Life raft: (portalelement livflottar tillverkare )Viking (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement livflottar modell )6UKL (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement livflottar kapacitet )6 persons. (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement livflottar ar )11-2010 (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 4 element
  • (epirb)EPIRB: (portalelement epirb tillverkare )ACR (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement epirb modell )RLB-41 (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 2 element
  • (radarTransponder)Radar transponder SART: (portalelement radarTransponder tillverkare )McMurdo (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement radarTransponder modell )S4 (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 2 element
  • (barbarGMDSS_VHF)Portable GMDSS VHF: (portalelement barbarGMDSS_VHF antal )2 x (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement barbarGMDSS_VHF tillverkare )Simrad (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)(portalelement barbarGMDSS_VHF modell )Axis 50 (slut portalelement Sakerhetsutrustning)slut inre portalelement med 3 element
  • (sakSlMaskTillv)Fire fighting, engine room: FirePro Aerosol Engine Room Fire Suppression System

Deck equipment

  • (dackAnkarSpelTyp)Anchor windlass: Lofrans Project 1500
  • (dackStralKastare)Search light: Seematz
  • (Ankare) Anchor: High Holding A3 10014, 40 kilo,, Anchor chain 50 m rope 20 mm + 10 m stainless steel chain 12 mm


Aft deck

Fore deck and rails




Below deck, tank room

Below deck, fore part. WC.

Below deck, engine room

Dry docked

All details given in good faith but not guaranteed. Equipment are subject to change or be removed from the vessel.
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